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Environmental Testing Services

IAQ: Mold & Allergens

Air Samples (minimum of 2 required) $125.00 each
Bio-Tape $125.00 each
Carpet Cartridge $125.00 each
Swab $125.00 each
Allergens $600.00 single
Allergens $650.00 combo


Bulk Samples $175.00 each
With inspection $150.00 each


Radon $185.00 each
With inspection $165.00 each
2nd monitor $120.00
Re-test after mitigation sytem installed $10.00 off


Chemical/Bacteria $150.00 each
Chemical/Bacteria & Lead $200.00 each
Complete Analysis $350.00 each

Radon testing info

View an Illinois map of EPA radon zones.

Radon is Real: A Drop in the Bucket – A video by Radalink

Radon Measurement Technician license #RNIT2006202 exp 03/31/2021

Illinois Radon Test Authorization Agreement (PDF)